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ITIL® Foundation

IT и комуникации

IT и комуникации
29. 03 2018 - 31. 03 2018
ИНТЕРПРЕД - Световен търговски център София
Радосвета Делчева, ITIL® Expert и ITIL® Approved Trainer
IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) e най-широко приетата рамка за управление на ИТ услуги в света. Получете престижния международно признат сертификат ITIL® Foundation бързо, лесно и удобно!

Отстъпки за брой записани участници
Цената включва: учебни материали, обяди, кафе-паузи, сертификат за преминато обучение
IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL) e най-широко приетата рамка за управление на ИТ услуги в света. Това е практически подход към идентифицирането, планирането, предоставянето и поддържането на ИТ услуги за бизнеса. ITIL описва как трябва да бъдат организирани ИТ ресурсите, за да доставят бизнес стойност, документирайки процесите, функциите и ролите в управлението на ИТ услуги. Получете престижния международно признат сертификат ITIL® Foundation бързо, лесно и удобно!


This certification is primarily aimed at:

  • Those who require a basic understanding of the ITIL framework
  • Those who need understanding of how ITIL can be used to enhance IT service management within an organization
  • IT professionals or others working within an organization that has adopted and adapted ITIL and who need to be informed about, or contribute to, ongoing service improvement.

After successful completion of this course and it’s labs you should be able to:

  • Identify the principles and concepts of IT Service Management based on ITIL
  • Identify the best practices of implementing ITIL in an organization
  • Define the terminology used in ITIL
  • Identify the concepts and definitions used in the Service Lifecycle
  • Define Service Strategy concepts
  • Define Service Design concepts
  • Define Service Operations concepts
  • Define Service Transition concepts
  • Define Continual Service Improvement concepts
  • Define the roles, processes, and components within key areas of IT Service Management based on ITIL
  • Prepare the student to take the ITIL Foundation Certification exam

Course Outline:

1 – Introduction

Introduction to key ITIL concepts
IT as a Service
Introduction to processes and process management
The Service Lifecycle approach

2 – Service Strategy

Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
Value Creation through Services
Assets – Resources and Capabilities
Service Strategy – Main activities
Service Strategy processes
Service Portfolio management
Demand management
Financial management

3 – Service Design

Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
Service Design processes
The 4 P’s
Service Design aspects
Service Catalog Management
Service Level Management
Capacity Management
Availability Management
IT Service Continuity Management
Service Portfolio
Information Security Management
Supplier management

4 – Service Transition

Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
Service Transition value to the business
Technology and architecture in Service Transition
Service Transition Processes
Change Management
The 7 R’s of Change Management
Service Asset and Configuration Management
Release and Deployment Management
Knowledge Management

5 – Service Operation

Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
Service Operation definitions
The Service Desk
Technical Management
Application Management
IT Operations Management
Service Operations Processes
Event Management
Request Fulfillment
Problem Management
Access Management

6 – Continual Service Improvement

Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
Models and Processes
The Deming Cycle
Measurement and metrics
Continual Service Improvement activities
Risk management
Continual Service Improvement interfaces I
nterface with Service Level Management

7 – Exam Preparation

Sample Exams Feedback Recap

8 – Note
9 – ITIL® Foundation Exam

Examination Format:

  • Multiple choice examination questions
  • 40 questions
  • 26 marks required to pass (out of 40 available) – 65%
  • 60 minutes’ duration
  • Closed book.
The Foundation exam is the entry level certification and offers you a general awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® service lifecycle, including the links between lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to service management practices.